Who is preventing new IBC’s from operating in Barbados?

There are four registered International Business Companies (IBC’s) waiting to commence operations on this Island. Some have been waiting for almost two years! Their activities range from international e-commerce websites, to suppliers of building products into the USA.

These are businesses which will involve hiring of premises and local labour, investment in machinery, and have products for which there is a ready market abroad, bringing in much needed foreign currency to the Island.

However, no operations have been able to commence here, as the directors of these legal registered entities have not been granted work permits and further, some have recently been denied any entry into the country to conduct even the most basic administration related to their IBC’s!

A director of one of these IBC’s, Mr Reynolds, travelled to the Island in July 2016 to open bank accounts. He was denied entry by CIO Wayne Marshall personally, who ordered him to be sent straight back to JFK.

Two weeks ago Mr Stewart, also a director of a Barbados IBC, travelled from the United States to the Island to identify suitable premises and to look for personnel to employ and train for his business here. However, he was denied entry and detained through the night at GAIA, while Immigration officials waited on a decision from CIO Wayne Marshall! He too was sent back to the USA at Marshall’s absolute insistence.

Is this the way Barbados usually treats directors of legal Barbadian entities!?

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“Surely Immigration has a valid reason for this,” I hear you say. But consider these facts relating to these persons and those with whom they are in Christian fellowship:

Despite these persons having a clean record locally and abroad, the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church Ltd (PBCC) have maliciously and repeatedly portrayed them in a negative light to the Royal Barbadian Police. Senior officials within the RBP have seen right through this, and have confirmed that no laws have been broken by what has been done.

However one officer, Sgt. Lynch, after lengthy private conversations with members of the PBCC, said he would personally write to the CIO to ensure that these persons were deported and never be allowed to return.

Following this, Struan C. A. Ker and Charles H. Kingston (both of Harrow, England), as representing the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church Ltd and its business body, the UBT, hired Sir Henry de B. Forde, K.A., Q.C., to write a letter full of untruths, and thereby further influenced the Immigration Department against allowing these persons into the country.

Thus these two Englishmen have abused the power of Sir Forde’s letterhead and signature to influence the Immigration Department and corrupt their decisions.

This corruption of the Immigration Department goes right back to 2014. Click here to read more about this.

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