The responsibility of Chicago

The testimony that is presented below was published here (and advertised in the press) during a visit to Chicago in October 2014.

Do you follow James Taylor Jr or Bruce David Hales?

In Chicago in 2011, Bruce David Hales attempted to overthrow the ministry of belovèd James Taylor Jr. It is incumbent on every assembly person in Chicago to know the facts, and clear themselves of allowing this to be done unchallenged. Further, it is the responsibility of the local assembly in Chicago (assuming the franchise remains there) to clear itself of this sin.

What Bruce Hales 'ministered' in Chicago in 2011 goes directly against what was ministered by belovèd James Taylor Jr in the power of the Spirit; and directly against the Barbados assembly judgement that resulted from his ministry. This is a rebellion against the sovereignty of God (Numbers 16), and the Lord is furious about this matter.

What James Taylor Jr ministered

Ephesians as Related to Corinthians, Croydon, 21 October 1965:

It is a different gospel. If you mix up the gospel with commerce, that is a different gospel; that is the words of scripture. We have called it a rival ministry; that is just the same as saying it is a different gospel. … All these things we had at Horsham a few years ago; the truth was brought to us at that time as to the foundations being threatened by compromise ministry - it is being threatened this time by the introduction of commerce into the assembly.

Commerce by itself is right, but when you bring it into the assembly - I never knew they were doing that...

Letter to Alfred J Gardiner, 29 September 1965:

I do not consider that he [WBH] is a new covenant minister and have reason to believe that he is in a party with JSH and AFG and perhaps others in promoting a system of things that is at variance with the gospel. There is adequate proof that commerce is being brought into the assembly.

City Reading, New York, 29 September 1965:

…but these business meetings wholly of brethren are not right. It is despising the assembly.

Rejection of commerce in the assembly by Barbados

These statements of our belovèd all refer to the commercial system, which culminated in '3-day meetings' in Barbados in September 1965 at which John Hales served. Shortly after these meetings, Glyne Hunte of Barbados wrote a letter in which he set out their reasons for condemning those meetings and withdrawing all notes of them; and acknowledging the help that belovèd James Taylor Jr had afforded in this regard. The following extracts are particularly relevant, with bold emphasis added:

… It is a matter of sorrow that we have to record that what was not of God was allowed to come into the meetings unchallenged by us. This was primarily commerce. Also, visitors who are successful businessmen were singled out as examples of manhood whereas only the work of God by the Spirit is of value in the assembly. …

All this has been owned in the assembly before the Lord, on the basis of Lev. 4:13-21, and we feel humbled at having failed the Lord. We have also judged that what proceeded in Barbados was part of a system that is really a "different gospel", Gal. 1:6, and rival to what the Spirit of God has established in the recovery. We have therefore judged the whole meetings as wrong & withdrawn any notes. Private business meetings attended by some were also judged to be wrong, since the basis for attending was because persons were in fellowship. Thus such a dignified relationship which relates to the assembly was degraded to business, and this was judged to be a despisal of the assembly. …

The subtlety which the enemy used in mixing up what was outwardly right with what was wrong has been exposed. We feel much indebted to our belovèd brother Jim Taylor who quickly detected this evil when he got the facts from some of the New York visitors.

The full text of this letter can be found in the reference section of this website.

What Bruce Hales 'ministered' in Chicago

The following remark was 'ministered' by Bruce David Hales in Chicago in 2011, and published with copyright Bible & Gospel Trust.

BDH: … And it was remarkable how we found those Barbados notes [1965 meetings with JSH], perfectly transcribed, perfectly intact. I've told the brethren this, but I sent them to about half a dozen brothers, and I don't think any of them came back without some alterations, or additions, or some-what do you call it? – editing. I said, No, no, I said, all or nothing, sorry, all or nothing. You print the whole lot verbatim, or you print nothing. So I put it back on the brethren in Barbados, and then to the depot. And I said, It's up to you, I said, I know where I stand. The brethren might as well see the meetings, mightn't they? Sure they will. There was ministry in power. He was trying to help them there, you see. They desperately needed help. …

It is impossible to claim to follow the teaching of James Taylor Jr, and to follow Bruce David Hales. You are required to make a stand, either for the truth or against it.

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