The basis on which the Lord’s supper is now being held in Barbados (2017)


In the light of the history of the assembly of God in Barbados, and as recognising that there can be only one assembly in a place, we feel that it is necessary to show distinctly the difference between the true assembly in Barbados and the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church Ltd.

Early history

A great Recovery of the Truth began in the 1820’s through persons like John Nelson Darby. This began by persons leaving the established churches on the basis of Paul’s injunction to Timothy to separate from iniquity (2 Tim. 2: 19-22), and it was through a visit to Barbados by John Nelson Darby in 1869 that the true light of the assembly was brought into persons’ souls here. Over the next one hundred years the universal leadership and ministry of John Darby, followed by Frederick E. Raven, James Taylor and James Taylor Jr, served to build the assembly in this place.

Departure from the Truth in 1970

At a church conference held in Barbados in December 1970, Dr George R Maynard blasphemed the holy humanity of the Lord Jesus Christ.

G.R. Maynard stated that the very suggestion that the Lord kissed a woman was poison, and was a thought at which he revolted. The truth is that (whether or not the Lord did kiss a woman) He could have done so in perfect keeping with His holy order of manhood. To claim that such a suggestion is POISON implies that it would have been wrong for Him to do so – that it would have been lust working. To impute the possibility of lust being present in the Lord Jesus is terrible blasphemy!

If Paul could exhort persons to salute the brethren with a holy kiss (Romans 16: 16), how much rather could the Lord not have expressed His love in perfect holiness!?

This blasphemy was not condemned by the assembly in Barbados, and was published shortly afterward. As soon as this blasphemy became known to Deryck Noakes of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, he immediately condemned it, writing to Maynard as follows:

George Maynard

Absolutely repudiate your corrupting remark on p.195 of "Vol 3" that if my Lord kissed woman that that would be wild gourd of 2 Kings 4 which was poison. Worst attack on His humanity that I know of. I withdraw from you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

(Signed) Deryck Noakes

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When no righteous response was received from Barbados, Deryck Noakes also wrote to Leslie Corbin, a responsible brother on this Island. View letter In spite of this, the evil was not judged in Barbados and the assembly here continued to harbour the blasphemer. As a result, the assembly in other places could no longer acknowledge the position in Barbados, and the assembly ceased to exist here.

The allowance of this blasphemy and the other evil actions of George Maynard is the root of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church Ltd, the worst cult on earth.

The genealogy of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church Ltd cannot be traced back to John Nelson Darby, who said: If people like to walk with them [blasphemers] or help and support the bearing with them at the Lord’s table, they will not have me. (Collected Writings Vol. 14, Ecclesiastical 3, pg. 303)

The rebuilding of the assembly in Barbados

Beginning from 2014, Deryck Noakes and many other brethren repeatedly visited Barbados to seek out individuals who would be faithful to the Lord, but did not find one. Therefore, in 2016, exercised persons felt it due to the Lord to move to Barbados to rebuild His assembly here once again.

Those who now hold the Lord’s supper, do so as gathering to His name and as withdrawing from iniquity. We do so as in full fellowship with Deryck Noakes and his utter repudiation of George Maynard’s blasphemy. Maynard’s blasphemy, as well as his interference in other local assemblies, and his rejection of the Lord’s sovereignty in James Taylor Jr and Deryck Noakes, has been judged in the assembly which has been re-established here now.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,

Nicolas Noakes
Evan Pudney
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