The rebellion of 1965, and the current re-rebellion

As to 1965...

James Taylor Jr said in Port Elizabeth, February 1970:

"Rebellion, that was 1965, that is [Numbers] chapter 16."

Bruce D Hales said in Chicago, December 2011:

"There was ministry in power."

Both statements cannot be true. If you have the Holy Spirit, you will know by the unction what the truth is.

The Holy Spirit is urgently calling on you to read this message and to turn to Him, and Him alone, to help you judge this critical matter.

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JTJr never changed his judgment of commerce in the assembly

In September 1965, James Taylor Jr pronounced on the fact that a commercial system had been introduced into the assembly, and said that, "Commerce has no place in the assembly."

It is claimed by some that in April 1966 belovèd Jim Taylor changed what he had said. However, as recently as February 1970, he clearly stated that 1965 was the rebellion of Numbers 16:

JTJr …and you have to know Numbers 19. Rebellion, that was 1965, that is chapter 16. The earth was opened and swallowed the whole lot of them. It didn’t matter whether they were Australians, Americans, English people, and they went right down the hole there.

original audio recording

and again,

JTJr …chapter 18 follows Numbers 17. Then first, chapter 16: rebellion. Rebellion; that was in 1965, 1959.

original audio recording

( When last did you hear our belovèd's voice…? )

These remarks are from the sixth reading of 3 Day Meetings in Port Elizabeth, 20-22 Feb 1970. Scanned copy

This shows beyond doubt that JTJr never changed his mind as to 1965. His pronouncement in 1966 as to the vindictiveness of withdrawing from repentant persons, in a wrong assembly judgement in Sydney, had nothing to do with his strong judgement as to commerce having been brought into the assembly. To attempt to confuse these matters is a poorly concocted lie of the devil!

The dog has returned to its vomit. The re-introduction of commerce by BD Hales is again the rebellion of Numbers 16, and is apostasy — "the iniquity of the Amorites" is now full! Judgement is imminent.

"Depart, I pray you, from the tents of these wicked men, and touch nothing of theirs, lest ye perish in all their sins."

Numbers 16:26

For more about events in 1965, see points 7–9 of Section D on the home page.

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