Blasphemy by James H Symington


This section describes blasphemous statements made by JH Symington of Neche, North Dakota, USA, and the response to them by Deryck Noakes as soon as he became aware of them.

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Blasphemy in Neche - 1978

The following remark by JH Symington was made in a reading in Neche, USA, in December 1978 which was edited by WJ Seed (St Vincent, Minnesota, USA) and published by the Bible & Gospel Trust (Kingston, England).

We've all been given to drink of one Spirit. What do you drink? One Spirit, Red Label, - well I mean spirits. What's wrong with that?

This remark was allowed to be published uncorrected by the author, the editor, and the publisher of the book Readings at Neche and Other Ministry, Booklet 66, Page 16.

On 6 September 1979, Deryck Noakes sent a cable to JH Symington repudiating this blasphemous statement against the Holy Spirit. On that same date, Deryck also sent a copy of the cable to two other brothers local in Neche - James de Seyn and Roland Hughes. View letter

When nothing appeared to have been done in Neche to repudiate the blasphemy or the blasphemer, Deryck Noakes again notified JH Symington on 2 March 1980 that his sin was unforgivable.

"whosoever shall speak injuriously against the Holy Spirit, to eternity has no forgiveness; but lies under the guit of an everlasting sin"

Mark 3:29

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Letter sent out universally

On 2 March 1980, Deryck Noakes also sent out the following letter universally to all for whom he had addresses (some 620 persons), notifying them as to the critical nature of this matter. View letter

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On 1979-09-06 I sent the enclosed letter to Jim DeSeyn and Roland Hughes of Neche, North Dakota and the brethren in Port Elizabeth and elsewhere are most concerned to have not heard that anything has been done about these grave charges.

This is especially so since we have judged that the first point referred to in the enclosed letter is defined by the Lord as the sin that has no forgiveness; whosoever shall speak injuriously agains the Holy Spirit, to eternity has not forgiveness; but lies under the guilt of an everlasting sin. Mark 3 v.29.

The Lord is looking for two things.

Firstly, that every local assembly universally that received copies of READINGS AT NECHE AND OTHER MINISTRY Booklet 66, repudiate the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit which appears on page 16 as follows:

J.H.S. . . . One Spirit, Red Label.

Secondly, the Lord is looking for the universal priesthood to be in activity in regard to the conditions that exist in Neche. The sin against the Spirit is unforgivable and this is for Neche to recognised. It is St. Vincent's matter to deal with the editor and it is Kingston's matter to deal with the publishers. (All the foregoing if the franchise still exists in these localities.)

If you are not leprous, i.e., under assembly discipline, you must convey this communication to your local brethren immediately. The Lord is for strength to them that turn the battle to the gate. Isaiah 28 v.6.

What is critical is that all the assemblies recognise that this is the voice of the Spirit.

(Signed) Deryck Noakes


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Blasphemy in Perth - 1975

Subsequenty, it came to our attention that the following blasphemous remark had been previously made in Perth, Australia, in December 1975.

See he [Paul] met the enemy's agent as filled with the Holy Spirit. Well, I suppose it's Southern Comfort. Would that be what it is? I prefer Red Label!

This blasphemous statement was published on page 24 of the book Stewball was a Racehorse - Meetings in Australia and New Zealand, known as Volume 36; copyrighted by JH Symington; edited by John S Hales, 109 Bowden Street, Ryde, NSW, 2112 Australia; and published by Bible & Gospel Trust, 2 Upper Teddington Road, Kingston-on-Thames, England.

On 5 May 1980, Deryck Noakes again sent a communication to James de Seyn and Roland Hughes of Neche alerting them to this additional blasphemy. View letter

Again, copies of this letter were sent out to about 620 persons universally.

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