Letter from Leonard Goodbody


Deryck Noakes served at 3-day meetings in Harrow, England, on 11-13 December 1970. This is a letter written 16 December 1970 from Leonard Goodbody of Harrow to Lionel S Beattie of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, thanking the brethren for their gift.


16th Dec. '70

Mr. Lionel Beattie

My dear Lionel,

We here in Harrow were very much cheered by your love for us expressed in the gift in support of our 3 day meetings. Please thank the dear brethren in Port Elizabeth for it.

We had a distinctive time with beloved Deryck. I was very attracted by his respectful manner, especially with older brethren. I felt he ministered with authority and affection, and I cannot recall one jarring note.

His theme was the feelings of Christ, and his object was to promote those feelings amongst us one for the other. I think everyone was stirred, and for myself I would say that the signs of an apostle were indeed wrought amongst us.

I do trust he and Ruth reached home safely, and had a comfortable journey. Please give them our love. I expect he will tell you more about it. We had about 460 together from over 60 localities. Please give my love to Arthur McMullan and Willie Jurgens.

With much love in the Lord Jesus,
Leonard Goodbody

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