Letter from S Glyne Hunte


John S Hales served at '3-day meetings' in Barbados in September 1965 in which he promoted commerce in the assembly. This letter dated 20 October 1965 from S Glyne Hunte of Barbados to David W Morren of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, is evidence of the right judgment arrived at by the assembly in Barbados regarding those meetings.


(Bold emphasis added for clarity)

Barbados 20/Oct/65

Beloved Brother,

Please thank your local brethren for the gift sent for our 3 day meetings last month with J.S. Hales.

It is a matter of sorrow that we have to record that what was not of God was allowed to come into the meetings unchallenged by us. This was primarily commerce. Also, visitors who are successful businessmen were singled out as examples of manhood whereas only the work of God by the Spirit is of value in the assembly. Wrong application of scripture was permitted on several points. Firstly, "dispensation" in Col. 1 and 1 Tim 1 to warrant "economics" related to the Island and to business to be brought into the assembly. Secondly, 1 Cor. 11:33, that we should wait for brethren who are late in arriving at the Supper thus disregarding the scripture in Luke 22:14 - "When the hour was come". Thirdly, 1 Peter 3:7 that husbands should keep the pressure on their wives until they complain & then let up occasionally. Also that our wives are to be widows while their husbands are alive, because of their service to others. Fourthly, John 5:17, that the Father's work is connected with helping the brethren in their businesses, and that the entertainment of the Saints at noontime is disruptive of the Father's work because of the time used up. It was also taught that the effectiveness of a minister is measured by his demands on the brethren. This is entirely contrary to the new covenant.

All this has been owned in the assembly before the Lord, on the basis of Lev. 4:13-21, and we feel humbled at having failed the Lord. We have also judged that what proceeded in Barbados was part of a system that is really a "different gospel", Gal. 1:6, and rival to what the Spirit of God has established in the recovery. We have therefore judged the whole meetings as wrong & withdrawn any notes. Private business meetings attended by some were also judged to be wrong, since the basis for attending was because persons were in fellowship. Thus such a dignified relationship which relates to the assembly was degraded to business, and this was judged to be a despisal of the assembly. The taint of communism was also judged: this crept in by the stress on "equality", thus overlooking God's ordering in His government, e.g. rich & poor.

The subtlety which the enemy used in mixing up what was outwardly right with what was wrong has been exposed. We feel much indebted to our beloved brother Jim Taylor who quickly detected this evil when he got the facts from some of the New York visitors. It is a time of heart searching but we can be thankful for the deliverance which has been wrought. May we all be kept humble & watchful against the enemy's next attack.

With love to all the Saints with you,
Affectionately your brother in the Lord Jesus
S. Glyne Hunte

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