Letter to PBCC members in Jamaica, August 2019


Extensive evils have been perpentrated in Barbados by certain members of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (PBCC) – or the ‘Closed Brethren’. This same murderous spirit has spread to their ‘brethren’ in Jamaica, but do all the members there know what has been happening, and do they all agree with what is happening?


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Jamaica W.I.

July 20th 2019

RE: Treatment of Christians in Jamaica by the PBCC

Last year four families of believers came to Jamaica. They had fled from South Africa (where the government has become more communistic than not) in obedience to Jim Taylor’s ministry (JTJr Vol 27 p 440 – undoctored series).

There are not many countries left in the world that are suitable for believers to remain in. Europe and Britain are largely apostate, and Australia is being overrun by Eastern influences.

After spending a few months in Jamaica, these families proved it to be a country where Christian principles are gone by, with a government that recognizes God, that can be prayed for (1 Tim 2:1-2) and supported (Rom 13:7).

On this basis they approached the Jamaican authorities as to being allowed to remain in this country. They were completely open, and laid bare their situation. The Jamaican government was warm, supportive, and provided a path for them to be allowed to remain.

However, this all changed when a simple advertisement, stating the grounds on which the Lord’s Supper was being held in Mandeville, was placed in the local papers on 29 November 2018.

Immediately thereafter, through the obvious influence of persons within the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church LLC, certain persons within the government changed their attitude completely, and would not grant work permits, labelling these families as ”extremists” (this is a joke – you should meet them!).

The revoking/denial of work permits has meant that these families have not been able to work to place bread on the table. They have been seen through by God, but do you not agree that those who have influenced the government to do this have shown a murderous spirit?! How is this justified? How is this according to the spirit of Christ?

They are now required to leave the Island within a month as a result of this cruel PBCC influence. Where should these families, which include young children, go to? Do you believe any Christian should have to live under a Communistic government?

The Lord will see His assembly through (Matt 16:18). But where do you stand as to what has been done? Do you consent to the murderous and cruel spirit of persons, who like the chief priests and Pharisees, have used influencing of government to achieve their dirty work?

The hold that the PBCC had over the previous Barbados administration is now well known! Their bribery of the Prime minister, and other influential persons is all unravelling… the secrets are being uncovered! Their tactics of bribery in Australia and England have also been exposed. The giving to political parties for influence is admitted publically on one of the PBCC websites.

I am thankful for what is of iron in the government of Jamaica, and continue to pray for it and its Prime Minister.


Jared Pudney
+1 859-270-8620

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