Do you accept the man of God’s choice?

Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and His shed blood, and you shall be saved. This is eternal salvation.

For over two thousand years, the Holy Spirit has been calling man’s attention to the Man of God’s choice: Jesus Christ. There is no other name under heaven by which we must be saved. God commands you to repent and acknowledge your sinnership to Him.

Jesus was a Man, who walked amongst men in Israel. Very few accepted Who He was, and the Jews rejected Him en masseAway with this man! Peter’s preaching convicted the guilty Jews by showing them Who they had crucified and slain. Yet in grace, he presented to these very Jews their Saviour; a Man whom God has raised up, having made Him both Lord and Christ.

Christ is the Rock, but God has sovereignly raised up others like Him.

Paul was a man, saved by grace, but he was a called apostle of Jesus Christ. He gave everything for Christ and the saints, and was in prisons abundant because of this. All in Asia turned away from him, and he suffered in bonds as an evil-doer. His own brethren rejected him, but the Lord stood by him. The devil would have destroyed the assembly, but in Paul, he found a man – a rock – that he could not conquer.

John Darby, Frederick Raven, James Taylor and James Taylor Jr were rocks, and they too were not overcome by the devil.

But what about TODAY?

Your current salvation is through accepting God’s sovereignty in having raised up Deryck Noakes to lead and guide His people.

To reject him, is to reject God Himself.

(Luke 10 : 16)

The Holy Spirit is calling your attention to the man of God’s choosing – one who has been sovereignly chosen of God for the salvation and blessing of His people, yet who has been rejected en masse.

Deryck Noakes, a man who served universally before 1971, and whose works of power were then borne witness to, has faithfully maintained divine principles and insisted upon the spirit of Paul and of beloved James Taylor Jr to this day.

Hades’ gates (G.R. Maynard, J.H. Symington, J.S. Hales, and currently B.D. Hales) have not prevailed against him. For over 45 years the rock that Christ did choose has been rejected by the false leadership of these imposters. The assembly is still found on earth today, because the Lord, and the Holy Spirit, have had a man to use, to repel all the advances of the devil.

J.T.Jr., in speaking about Deryck Noakes, thanked the Lord for the rock. As always, his words have not fallen to the ground. Events since then have proved that Deryck is a rock.

Since 1970, the devil has attacked again and again, but he has found that there is a man here that he cannot conquer.

Deryck Noakes has been immovable in what is right, and he has been led by what is spiritual – not influenced by the flesh or what is natural. He has kept the hope of the Lord’s coming before the brethren, and he has not allowed commerce, drunkenness, worldliness, corruption, or politics to invade the assembly.

Deryck has saved us, by attracting us away from the world, and into the truth. He has drawn us to Christ, and has been used by the Holy Spirit to further open up the light of the service of God. He has tirelessly served the saints, and has given everything for his Lord. We, and many others love him. His sufferings for the truth over the last 45 years have been immense.

God has raised him up in service and has given him the gift of universal leadership, of which we are witnesses. God has further raised up area leaders and local leaders, who are committed to holding fast to the truth, regardless of the cost.

Nicodemus at first came to Jesus by night. When he saw what evil men had done to the body of Christ, he came again, this time openly, having overcome his fear of the Jews. Have you seen what grievous wolves have done to Christ’s body on earth, the assembly? Are you not sighing and crying over UBT, its LSG’s and RRT’s? Are you an overcomer for the Lord? (Revelation 3 : 21)

Will you come and see Deryck? Is not he the Lord’s servant?

(John 4 : 29)

Those of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (and many others) have despised him, rejected him, persecuted him, scorned him, imprisoned him, and hated him without a cause . . . and still do.

The Lord will cause all such persons to bow and do homage before the feet of the assembly and they shall know whom the Lord has loved. (Revelation 3 : 9)

What must you do to be saved?

Repent, accept God’s sovereignty, and get to the assembly as soon as possible!

Your current salvation lies in this. This will mean that you must withdraw from the terrible system of evil that has developed under G.R. Maynard, J.H. Symington, J.S. Hales, and B.D. Hales.

Every true believer is in the assembly of God. The content of this website has been written in the power of the Holy Spirit. It is vital that you accept the Spirit’s current witness, and be led by the Spirit of God to go by inward leadership, accept sovereignty, and find your place livingly in the assembly, now and for eternity.

Come to the man, stand behind the man, and love the man.

Click here to read, and listen to, this vital gospel preaching by Deryck Noakes.

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