Blasphemy by George R Maynard


The holy humanity of the Lord Jesus was attacked by Dr GR Maynard in Barbados in December 1970, when he imputed lust to the Lord Jesus.

Any true lover of Christ must separate themselves from such wickedness!


Beloved James Taylor Jr had agreed to serve at three-day meetings in Bridgetown, Barbados, from 25-27 December 1970, but he was taken to be with the Lord before then.

Instead, GRM took the lead at these meetings, which were attended by many prominent persons, including AJ Gardiner (London), James Taylor 3rd (New York), and JH Symington (Neche).

Earlier in that year, beloved James Taylor Jr had remarked that the Lord kissed the woman in John 4. Several witnesses to this remark were present at these meetings, and they witnessed to this remark.

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The blasphemy

During these meetings, GR Maynard maintained that the very suggestion that the Lord kissed a woman was “poison”, and that it was a thought at which he revolted.

We must understand that it is irrelevant to this issue whether the Lord did in fact kiss a woman or not, or even whether beloved Jim Talyor did or did not make that remark. GR Maynard’s statements condemned the suggestion that the Lord had kissed a woman – that is, that the very consideration or thought of it was wicked.

But what is the truth? The truth is that the Lord could have kissed a woman, and done so in perfect keeping with His holy order of manhood. To claim that such a suggestion is poison implies that it would have been wrong for Him to do so – in other words, that it would have been the working of lust!

To impute even the possibility of lust being present in the Lord Jesus is terrible blasphemy!

This so-called ‘ministry’ of George R Maynard was published in Readings at Nostrand Avenue and Other Ministry, Volume 3. The original text has been underlined to highlight these wicked statements. View original

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Repudiation by Deryck Noakes

The notes of these meetings were published by the Price Printing Press in Barnet, England, in record time and the brethren in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, received their bound copies via regular post just over two weeks after the finish of the meetings in Barbados.

As soon as this blasphemous ‘ministry’ became known, Deryck Noakes removed the cover from this book and sent the cover to GR Maynard with the following letter written on the reverse side. A copy of this letter was also sent to Alan Price, the editor of the book.


George Maynard

Absolutely repudiate your corrupting remark on p.195 of “Vol 3” that if my Lord kissed woman that that would be wild gourd of 2 Kings 4 which was poison. Worst attack on His humanity that I know of. I withdraw from you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

(Signed) Deryck Noakes

View letter

No response was received from this letter to GRM, so in April 1971 a further letter was sent to Leslie A Corbin, a responsible brother in Barbados, alerting him to the evil. View letter

In spite of this, the blasphemy was not judged in Barbados, and the assembly there continued to harbour the blasphemer.

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Blasphemy as a foundation of the PBCC

Those who now call themselves the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church withdrew from George Maynard in 1972, and do not acknowledge him in their genealogy at all. But this is a diversion of Satan, to avoid the issue! George Maynard was withdrawn from for rivalry (to JH Symington) and not for blasphemy.

The PBCC currently fully supports the ‘ministry’ of GRM at those three-day meetings! They openly stated this in testimony presented to the Supreme Court of South Africa in September 1979. This was long after GRM had been withdrawn from, and during the reign of their acknowledged leader JH Symington, who himself had been at those very meetings in Barbados and had supported the ‘ministry’ in them! Court documents

Further, the allowance of this blasphemy made way for repeated atrocious blasphemies against the Holy Spirit by JH Symington.

Bruce David Hales has been twice alerted to both of these blasphemies and yet has done nothing to address them! View 2003 letter View 2004 letter

The position today

The blasphemy by GRM was judged – by Deryck Noakes in Port Elizabeth. But, other wrong ‘ministry’ by GRM in those meetings had already resulted in Deryck and faithful brethren in Port Elizabeth being unrighteously cut off from fellowship with brethren around the world. Deryck’s judgment of this blasphemy was therefore lost for nearly all who had been in fellowship until this time.

More recently, after extensive testimony in search of faithful persons, the true assembly has begun to be rebuilt in Barbados. The Lord’s supper is being held in Barbados on the basis of gathering to His name and withdrawing from iniquity. It is held as in full fellowship with Deryck Noakes and his utter repudiation of GRM’s blasphemy.

Anyone who is still in the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church Ltd today is associating themselves with this blasphemy by George Maynard, and indeed with the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit by JH Symington as well.

… and, Let every one who names the name of [the] Lord withdraw from iniquity.

2 Tim. 2: 19

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