Letter to persons in Winchester, 29 April 2015


Deryck Noakes served at three-day meetings in Winchester, England in May 1969. Subsequently in December 1970, under the influence of GR Maynard of Barbados, Winchester unrighteously repudiated these meetings. In April 2015, Gavin Eales and Jadon Allen visited Harrow and Winchester to speak with persons about these issues.

They visited Winchester twice, and on both occasions their testimony was completely rejected. The following letter was written after their second visit and was individually posted to all known responsible persons in Winchester. It is imperative that every person in Winchester is aware of the current voice of the Holy Spirit in relation to them.

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29 April 2015

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The Holy Spirit has been commissioned to prepare a bride for Christ, and He is looking to complete His service here in view of the Lord’s coming, which is very soon to take place.

In the persons of Gavin Eales and Jadon Allen, the Lord, in grace, visited your locality on Lord’s day 26 April 2015, and again on Tuesday 28 April, 2015. Our visit to Winchester was directly related to your repudiation of the three-day meetings in Winchester of May 1969, with beloved Deryck Noakes. The facts relating to this matter show that your actions were unprincipled and therefore not ratified in heaven. The Holy Spirit is burdened by this matter.

On Lord’s day evening, at the Park Road hall, we asked to speak with spiritual and responsible persons. Four men came out of the hall and spoke with us. We urge, you, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, to read this letter as it is imperative that you are made aware of the true facts, and go over these matters before the Lord.

Background to our exercise

On Monday 4 January 1971, Stephen Thornett and Malcolm Browning of Winchester, contacted L.E. Bricknell and A.J. McMullan of Port Elizabeth, and told them that the three-day meetings with Deryck Noakes, eighteen months previously, had been repudiated for the following reasons:

(A transcript of this telephone conversation is available.)

Mr Thornett and Mr Browning both said that at the time of the meetings, they were both carried by what was ministered, and Mr Thornett thought the meetings had been good. An issue had been raised shortly after the meetings – this had been looked into, and nothing wrong had been found. However, they said that the Lord has since shown that there was a conspiracy operating, and a rival line had been interwoven into the meetings.

Regarding charge no. 1: Did Winchester judge Deryck Noakes’ actual words, or did they judge what they assumed was meant by his words? . . . for by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned, Matthew 12:37. The examples given to Port Elizabeth, as the grounds for arriving at their judgment, show that his words were clearly NOT suggestful nor sensuous. Consider that Deryck Noakes ministered in Port Elizabeth: If people bring in fleshly thoughts in regard to the Scriptures in any way, it is wrong.

Regarding charge no. 2: Deryck Noakes told Harrow at that time, and also his local brethren, Anything whatsoever that I did that can be interpreted as rival to James Taylor Jr, I repudiate absolutely. That is where I stand. Brethren currently in fellowship with Deryck Noakes can witness that he has never been rival to what is of Christ, nor to the testimony. He has been unwavering in maintaining divine principles, the spirit of the new covenant, and the spirit of J.T. Jr. Contend earnestly for the faith once delivered to the saints, Jude v. 3. A man cannot possibly do this, and at the same time be judged to be rival to the truth! This is spiritual lunacy!

What is undeniable is that, in December 1970, Winchester was turned away from the truth by a grievous wolf from Barbados, G.R. Maynard. (Acts 20:29). Thornett and Browning’s claim as to what the Lord has since shown, was actually referring to what G.R. Maynard ‘ministered’ in the Barbados three-day meetings one week before the Winchester assembly judgement, during which he blasphemed the holiness of the Lord’s humanity and blatantly rejected beloved James Taylor Jr. This was NOT from the Lord. It was directly because of this evil ‘ministry’ of G.R.M. that Harrow judged unrighteously. Watford and Winchester followed suit soon afterwards.

Regarding the charge of the conspiracy: this was also raised by Harrow, as a direct result of G.R. Maynard’s interference. The roots of this charge lie in G.R.M’s jealousy and his intent to slay every person standing in the way of his own ambitions to ‘take over’ the universal lead. Harrow said there had been a conspiracy operating in Alan Ker’s house. Deryck Noakes knew nothing about this conspiracy in Harrow, while he was in England, and was only told about it after he returned to South Africa. How can other persons’ words or actions be attributed to Deryck as his sin! Must he stand trial for all that anybody else has said about him?

Visits to Winchester, April 2015

On Lord’s day, 26 April 2015, Malcolm Holmes told us that he was at Deryck Noakes› meetings in 1969, and he remembered them well. He said that there had been ‘veiled references’ to what was corrupt. He told us that Deryck had also said something to him personally, outside of the meeting. We asked Malcolm what Deryck Noakes’ words had been, but he refused to tell us. We ask, ‘Why not tell us?’ What reason could there possibly be to refuse to tell us? An assembly judgment and the facts that relate to it are not private. There is glory about an assembly judgment – if it is right! for by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned, Matthew 12:37. What were Deryck Noakes’ actual words? We know, by the unction, that they were pure – to the pure – but the devil is too scared to admit it. These men that we spoke with are on shaky ground indeed, because they cannot justify their actions. They cannot trace their genealogy, from where they are today, back to James Taylor Jr.

Enclosed is a gospel preaching of Deryck Noakes, from the Winchester meetings in 1969. The truth presented in it is most attractive and precious. How can you repudiate this speaking that was clearly in the power of the Holy Spirit?

Another man at the Winchester hall on Lord’s day, 26 April 2015, told us that Port Elizabeth dealt with Deryck Noakes and we must just accept that. This is a lie of the devil. The assembly position in Port Elizabeth never at any time withdrew from Deryck Noakes. A band of rebels ran out of the assembly in a pre-arranged walkout, without naming any evil, and these persons were immediately withdrawn from for forsaking the presence of the Spirit of God. Today, you are still in full fellowship with that same band of rebels.

What has been ratified in heaven is the judgment arrived at on 4 January 1971, by the local assembly in Port Elizabeth. The brethren judged that we are in full fellowship with Deryck Noakes and his ministry. No one can overthrow this righteous assembly judgment.

We have known Deryck Noakes all our lives, and love him, and are thankful to God for the way that he has been used to shepherd and lead the saints universally over the last 45 years. We know, and enjoy, the spirit of the new covenant; and Deryck Noakes has steadfastly maintained Port Elizabeth as forgiveness town. This is the spirit of beloved J.T. Jr. Contrary to the devil’s lies, Deryck has taught that adultery applies to an apostle as much as to anyone else, and that sexual intercourse with anyone who is not your own wife is sin. He has never taught or acted in any way contrary to this.

One of the men we spoke with on Lord’s day in Winchester, took great offence to us our saying that Symington was a blasphemer of the Holy Spirit. This charge can be substantiated by referring to J.H.S.’ printed ministry:

We’ve all been given to drink of one Spirit. What do you drink? One Spirit, Red Label, – well I mean spirits. What’s wrong with that?

Booklet 66, Page 16, Readings at Neche and Other Ministry, Neche, USA, December 3, 1978.

See he [Paul] met the enemy's agent as filled with the Holy Spirit. Well, I suppose it’s Southern Comfort. Would that be what it is? I prefer Red Label!

Volume 36, Page 24, Stewball was a Racehorse, December 12, 1975, Perth, Australia. (Edited by J.S. Hales.)

These blasphemies are a sin against the Holy Spirit, for which there is no forgiveness (Matthew 12:31).

What must be done?

Persons that we have spoken with in Winchester claim to have stated where they stand, and that they have nothing further to say. Consider this: So that let him that thinks that he stands take heed lest he fall. 1 Corinthians 10:12

These facts are to be considered individually. There is no safety in numbers. Where do you stand before God as to your part in, or upholding of, Winchester’s repudiation of these meetings? The Holy Spirit requires an answer. May your eyes be opened as to the wickedness of this unprincipled action and the resulting rejection of one of the Lord’s servants.

A statement of facts relating to the ‘Harrow Judgment’ of 29 December 1970 has been published, and this includes audio extracts from meetings in Port Elizabeth during January 1971. In going over the facts presented, you will be helped to see what the brethren in Port Elizabeth came to as they considered these matters.


See that ye refuse not him that speaks. For if those did not escape who had refused him who uttered the oracles on earth, much more we who turn away from him [who does so] from heaven. (Hebrews 12:25)

Jadon Allen
Gavin Eales

[Enclosure: Preaching by Deryck Noakes at Winchester, England]

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