The UBT and its LSG’s is satanic

The Universal Business Team, with its Local Support Groups, stands in direct opposition to the glad tidings of the Christ.

Is this so?

A local assembly is answerable to Christ and not to anyone else. This important principle was established in 1908. Further, judgment and forgiveness are set in the local assembly, when Christ is given His place (Matthew 18: 18-20).

Instead, the administration of the UBT and its LSG’s has replaced this blessed administration of the glad tidings. The truth of the gospel has been completely set aside and in its place the Accuser of our brethren has established his hierarchy of bondage, headed up by his ‘CEO’, Bruce David Hales.

This system has been so fully implemented that it has become the self-appointed “Advisory and Business Body” of what professes to be the Church. Since when did the assembly need an advisory body, or a business body!? Where is Christ in this!? View letter

The UBT is not the Glad Tidings – It is a different gospel

In 1965, beloved Jim Taylor could see what the devil was doing in trying to introduce the principles of commerce. He could see that the foundations of the gospel were being threatened by a different gospel, a ‘gospel’ of bondage, and he was not going to allow it!

It is a different gospel. If you mix up the gospel with commerce, that is a different gospel; that is the words of scripture. We have called it a rival ministry; that is just the same as saying it is a different gospel. . . . All these things we had at Horsham a few years ago; the truth was brought to us at that time as to the foundations being threatened by compromise ministry – it is being threatened this time by the introduction of commerce into the assembly.

(James Taylor Jr, Croydon, 21 October 1965)

What is ‘commerce’?

The subtlety of the enemy’s devices will not be understood unless you see that the principle of commerce is not only about business. The principle of commerce encompasses the systematic organisation of every sphere and detail of your life: Who ‘serves’ in the meeting, who comes for the break, what scriptures and ministry to read each day, record keeping of assembly affairs, your personal finances (James 5: 3), the education of your children, and so on . . . besides the direct involvement in your business and its accounting.

But then, the spirit of commerce that gives rise to this is wicked! It is absolutely inconceivable that “Maximise your potential” or “Generate BIG TIME results” could be the mind of Christ that is given to us in Scripture (Philippians 2: 1-8).

Commerce has replaced the glad tidings!

Where did this wicked spirit come from?

This dreadful spirit surely originates from the devil himself, but it has been brought in by his agents John Hales and Bruce Hales.

. . . greater Chicago is eight million people, eight million, vast opportunities to earn a living in Chicago.

(Bruce Hales, Chicago, 2011)

And it was remarkable how we found those Barbados notes [1965 meetings with JSH] perfectly transcribed, perfectly intact. . . . There was ministry in power.

(Bruce Hales, Chicago, 2011)

This wickedness will be judged

Bruce David Hales, the prince of this commercial system, is condemned (Ezekiel 28). But it is so too that anybody who preaches (promotes) this commercial system is accursed (Galatians 1: 8). This includes everyone who has taken their place in the system as directors, team leaders, coordinators, etc. — men who “have not received the love of the truth that they might be saved” (2 Thess. 2: 10).

These bastards (Heb. 12: 8) will be judged for refusing witness and for going ahead and registering, as a legal entity, what claims to be the Church, making you a member of their wickedness in the process!

What is the answer?

The answer is that the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church is not the assembly. In 1971, men who had not accepted beloved Jim Taylor rejected Deryck Noakes too, and led in the greatest departure from the truth since the beginning of the Recovery.

But hades gates have not – and will not – prevail, and the assembly has been preserved through faithful men. Beloved Jim Taylor‘s spirit has been preserved, and local assemblies are proved to be “Forgiveness Town”.

The answer then is to withdraw from the iniquity of the PBCC, and find the blessing of being under the spirit of the glad tidings.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,

Jadon Allen
17 Rockton Drive
Mobile: +1 876 850-2945
Nicolas Noakes
24 Buena Vista Close
Mobile: +1 876 821-4026

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